Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Made It!!

So Katherine and I made it safely to Argentina. Getting down here was crazy, and the storms were so bad in Bariloche (our final destination) that we had to land in Uruguay, and wait for the storm to subside. We were greeted by the SASS crew and met up with fellow SNC EaglesTucker Norred, Emily Pannkuk, and Jeff Corrado. From that point on, everything has been go, go, go.

Our first 2 days we were greeted with pow. Shredded tree lines, and got to hike into Laguna area where the gnarly terrain rests (pictures of the area coming soon.) For another 4 days
Katherine, Emily, and I (as well as a few others) took an avalanche safety class (AAIRE Level 1). The class was awesome. We observed terrain in terms of Avie danger, and
learned how to asses weather conditions an
d their effects on the snow. We
learned how to perform res
cues using a beacon, shovel, and probe. And lastly dug pits to assess snow pack. I recommend anyone serious about backcountry go get cer
tified ASAp. I learned so much about snow it was
crazy. Now certified I feel much safer in the gnarly terrain here, as well as ready for Tahoe Backcountry. Storms are on the way!!!!!!!

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